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Mohanish Mehra

Great work. A wonderful satire of banks’ working. I am an industrialist by profession and am dealing with banks since long but I never imagined that in their internal working banks can be having such humorous anecdotes. Some of the storied in this novel amused me but some really thrown light on disturbing facts about decision making in the Banks. A good book from Ved Mathur

President Elect, Rotary Club Jaipur Royal

Aruna Jain

It's unbelievable. I can’t imagine bank staff would be behaving the way mentioned in this book, particularly the chapters of correspondence (Ping Pong), Bank committee working and MD joining a new bank. True or False? I don’t know but I enjoyed reading the novel.

A stage singer and artist

Naresh Kapoor

I am a retired AGM from a PSU Bank. After going through book, Bank Of Polampur, I was surprised that how such day to day incidents happened in bank offices can create such a humour. It is an excellent work by Ved Mathur and I could relate many chapters to the actual working in banks. 

Retired Asstt General Manager, a PSU Bank

Sandeep Dhingra

I have seen banks' internal working due to many of my friends being bankers. But I never imagined that these things can be so humorous and entertain people. A wonderful work by Ved Mathur.


H R Batra, Retd AGM Bank of Baroda

बैंक कार्यशैली पर बहुत ही बेहतरीन व्यंग रचना जो गुदगुदाती भी है, हँसाती भी है । लेखक को साधुवाद । बैंक से जुड़े ग्राहकों को तो बहुत पसंद आएगी ।

Sanjeev Narang

I can't believe, a Bank officer can write such a daring novel exposing the internal working of banks. These days when we are listening a lot of hue and cry about working of banks and big scandals involving thousands of crores of Rupees are being exposed, this book becomes all the more relevant. Writing such account with great humour and satire is not an easy thing. Adorable.

Development Officer LIC

Dhirendra P Yadav

One thing is universal in all good books -they are truer than if they had really happened.What I find while going through the content, mirror image of banking scenario is conceptualized in a great possible way. Good Luck Sir!

Agri Banker

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